About Heather
Certified Early Childhood Educator with 20 years experience teaching children ages 1 to 12
Owner/Facilitator of Little Peas & Big Peas Care and Home Enrichment Program
Lead Teacher at Dunloe Children's Centre for over 10 years
Heather is passionate about encouraing children's natural enthusiasm for learning. She is excited to offer enrichment classes in the comfort of your own home.

ABC's for Little Peas began offering enrichment classes to facilitate the transition to school for children ages 2 to 5, in 2004. We then added summer care as a way to develop Little Peas and creativity, social engagement while appreciating nature. Now Little Peas also works with school age children in various subjects. We are committed to creating tailored programs that meet the specific needs of your child while building confidence.

ABC's for Little Peas provides an enriching year of ongoing education.