Our 3 year old son attended Little Peas in the summer of 2015. He attends a very reputable nursery school during the year and Little Peas was a seamless continuation of his enrichment. You know you've made the right choice for your child when you pick them up the first day and they exclaim "I want to go back there mommy!" Every day our son wanted to go to summer care (even on weekends). Our son attended for the whole summer. The counsellors were so nurturing and attentive. He learned so much from everyone. Learning is fun at Little Peas and the kids participated in so many neat activities. Paramedics and firefighter visits were a huge highlight. Our son loved picking an outfit for themed colour days!

You can tell that this program is a labour of love for Heather. Heather is so professional and is always full of energy and positivity. All of our children will attend Little Peas. It is the best program for kids ages 2 1/2 to 5 as there is access to excellent indoor facilities at Beth Tzedec and superior staff who all are extremely qualified to teach and nurture young children. We can't say enough great things about Little Peas Summer Care! Being a teacher myself, I am very discerning and after extensive research I chose Little Peas. I know now we made the right choice for our son as he is still talking about it in October!

Forest Hill


Even thinking about writing about Little Peas Summer Care puts a smile on my face. The care program was an outstanding experience for my 2.5 year old. The staff were incredible at balancing the children who were having a hard time saying goodbye and the children who were fine to walk right in. Summer care provided a number of different activities for the kids - from gross motor to fine motor to sensory. There was truly so much going on at all times without being overwhelming to the kids. My daughter came home everyday singing a new song or telling me a story from her morning.

As a parent, I appreciated the ease of the theme days (a colour to wear or a hat day) as I have found in the past that with some camps, it becomes a full-time job getting ready for the theme days. Little peas was a perfect combination of everything a first or second year drop off little one truly needs. Heather Larkin is an outstanding educator and truly understands children. I would highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone and I am always singing the praises of Little Peas Summer Care to anyone who asks.

Forest Hill


My son has spent the last two summers at Big Peas Summer Care. He had the most wonderful and memorable experiences there! He had the best time, excited to go everyday which speaks volumes. He felt respected and heard which allowed him to play and learn freely, meet new friends, and grow emotionally and developmentally. As a parent I am thrilled with this experience! I realize this is all because of Heather's tremendous leadership, her staff, and mostly her personality and daily involvement with the children. She is so natural and genuinly interested. She makes learning fun! I felt tremendous trust in her ability to take care of my child. I felt safe leaving him in her care each day. He was engaged, stimulated and had so much fun! It was a terrific beginning to his school career. I could not have asked for more.



My daughter attended Big Peas, Little Peas this past summer and had the time of her life! The staff at Little Peas Summer Care felt more like family and they went over and above every single day to make sure Juliette had a fun time and always learned something new. I was always kept in the loop on how her morning went and regularly got forwarded pictures to make me feel more part of her day. Heather is exceptionally gifted with children and has a skill that is truly unmatched. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a caring, safe and fun environment for their kids!

Forest Hill


My son went to Little Peas for two summers. Simply put: it is outstanding! Heather and her team provide an environment that is nurturing, stimulating and exciting. The programming is tremendous and there's a great mix of all different kinds of activities. He loved every day and still talks about Little Peas all the time!



I only have praise and kind words to describe our daughter’s first summer care experience with Heather and her staff at Little Peas.

Our daughter attended summer care for 6 weeks this summer and she had the most wonderful time. She would be excited to attend every day and would come home and talk about the music program, playing with various activities and toys, library time with Ava, among many other special events.

We will definitely send our other children there in the future.

Upper Forest Hill


My child had a wonderful time at Little Peas. Heather and her staff were great. Everyone was very caring and warm. They always went up and beyond to make my child feel welcome and safe. The activities were well thought out with special guest entertainment weekly. I feel the staff really took the time to get to know my child and to understand the activities he likes, making the experience for him very memorable. My child still talks about summer care despite it finishing months ago. I would highly recommend Little Peas.

Forest Hill South


Our son experienced his first moments away from us with Little Peas Summer Care when he had just turned two. This important transition through Heather’s leadership facilitated his initial attendance to pre-school the following fall. It was Heather’s seasoned experience, the programming and staff which created an environment where our son could engage emotionally and begin the development of evolved motor skills. As parents we were excited to witness this in a safe and nurturing environment. Our son grew to love Heather and the staff. As parents, we are truly grateful.

Marc and Nohemie


Heather is gifted with young kids. I loved watching how she spoke to my daughter and how well my little one responded back. The program itself was extremely well organized and things seemed to run seamlessly. The program was fun, creative, and had a different focus each week. My daughter loved it.

Forest Hill


My son attended little peas as a 2 year old. It was his first "drop off" experience; he loved every minute of it. Instead of attending twice per week for 2 weeks, he ended up going 3 days a week for 4 weeks.

Initially my son was quite shy. At little Peas he really opened up. Whether it was exposure to new activities and children, or encouragement from the caring little peas staff, my son had the time of his life! Best of all Heather would consistently check in with me via phone and email with updates about my son, sending me the cutest videos and photos. I highly recommend Little Peas!

Forest Hill


Heather made my son's second year at Big Peas Summer Care so special and fun for him. He had such a wonderful time and absolutely LOVED all of the time he spent with Heather and the other teachers. Heather was so amazing with regards to keeping me up to date with everything and was so attentive and caring towards him. Big Peas is a very special place!

Forest Hill


My son had such a wonderful summer care experience at Little Peas. Heather provided a fun filled and educational environment everyday! I know that he really enjoyed himself and we just loved hearing about all his adventures with Heather and her team.

Upper Forest Hill


My son loved his experience at Little Peas Summer Care. He was excited everyday to go see Heather, the other councillors and his friends! I think that the care program highlights for him definitely were the days that he got to meet the fire fighter and climb into the fire truck.

Thanks again for a fantastic summer!

Forest Hill


Our grandchildren (ages 2 and 4) were visiting from Israel and immensely enjoyed both Little and Big Peas Summer Care. They felt welcomed by staff and engaged by all the activities.

Josette Frydman-Kohl
Upper Forest Hill